Pros and Cons of Social Media Networking and Cell Phones on Family Ties
Every day, millions–if not billions–of people around the world use cell phones and social networking sites to connect with friends and family, people they never met and relatives they haven’t seen for a while. But many people question the effects of Internet social networking and cell phone use on our lives and wonder what, if any, are the positive effects of this new technology.

Like many technologies, cell phones are mixed blessings. They keep us from being stranded for hours on the side of the road, but can be distracting while driving, which may lead to accidents — although you can, at least, call emergency services immediately with your cell phone if the distraction led to the accident. Cell phones have affected our daily lives to the extent that local and state governments change and create laws regarding cell-phone use to try to moderate the negative features and accentuate the positive.

Cell phones make it easier for people to maintain connections with family and friends. Users can contact family members or friends at any time and parents can easily contact their children whenever they wish from nearly any location. They never have to worry about missing important calls.

Many cell-phone plans include free features, such as long distance and a certain number of free text messages. Both help you stay connected with family and friends that live far away without incurring extra charges.

Lastly, possibly the best benefit of cellphones is the sense of security; they allow you to contact help anytime and anywhere. There have been many occasions where cellphones have proven themselves lifesavers. What is more ingenious of cellphones is their incorporation with the global tracking system using which allows the police to trace their owner in case of kidnaps or thefts. Cell phones provide a measure of security if your car breaks down, if you get lost or if you feel threatened while walking

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