Cellphones at School
Cellphones at School
As most of you already know the ban on cell phones at Buljan has gotten students upset. The majority of the students and I agree that the rule about no cell phones on campus should be changed. There are several reasons why the rule should be altered. Those reasons are contact with parents, important calls, and most importantly safety.

My first reason was contact with parents. Say practice ends early how do you call someone to give you a ride home. Sure you can always walk home well what if no one is there and you can’t get in. Then that’s why you have a key well what if you lose it or your house is too far you could be waiting for hours. You can’t have a child waiting outside for that long they could be hurt or kidnapped.

My second reason was important calls or contacts. You and your friends have a project or you need the homework assignment. You have all the numbers in your cell phone. That’s why you have a phone book well what if you

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