Landlines and Cell Phones
Essay Preview: Landlines and Cell Phones
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There are many differences between landline and mobile phones. Cell phones are better than landlines because they are mobile devices, features, and come in different sizes. Convinces of having a Cell phone is that I can have it on my hand wherever I go. As for a landline, I cannot take it with me. For example, landlines needs to be a specific place in order to work, most restaurants, schools, offices used landlines as a resource. However Cell phones have a GPS technology that can find my exact location or where I am trying to go when landlines do not have any feature to enjoy. As well, cell phones have a variety of touch screens like IPhones, Android and windows 8 in proving technology. In contrast, landlines have an answering machine and wires toward a wall. Cell phone also can give me the chance to take live pictures or video camera whereas landline cannot. Cell phone has great features such as watch TV, MP3 players, can store all our contact information keep track of our appointments and, important dates. On the other hand, landlines cannot storage information, saved pictures and important dates. When cell phones because have to be plugged into the wall to have service as long as I have phone service, and only works for calls. Landlines are different from cell phones because of the different sizes they come. For example, a cellphone has the most cutting-edge with the new LG Smartphone thats fits easily in my pocket, in contrast landlines requires a base so the phone can stand firm and dont fall and takes a lot of space on a table.

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