Teens and Technology
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“Teens and Technology”
I know many parents are completely and utterly against any cell phone usage but that is why I am here. I am going to convince you to buy your teen one. Cell phones are great for communication and making plans with friends. Teenagers need cell phones because they are one of the most important essentials for when they need to call their parents and tell them where they are, if they need help, or when they need to leave a party gone bad. Cell phones are extraordinary when teens need to communicate with their cronies. Texting is hands-down better than having to call a friend and seeing what they are doing that day. Texting always comes in handy when you need to make plans quickly. You can text multiple buddies at the same time and it definitely will save you a ton of time. Having a cell phone is sensational when your child is involved in sports. When they are involved with sports, there always tends to be practices or games that a parent cannot make it to. Therefore, if your child had a cell phone they could tell you if they made it there safely, when the practice or game will be over, and the proximity time they think they will be home. If you know those things you wont have to be worrying about if they are safe or not. I, myself have a cell phone and my parents check the texts I am sending and receiving everyday. If you are one of those parents who always want to know what your child is talking about, you can still do that if you buy them a cell phone. In extreme cases I have heard of parents going to cell phone companies and getting permission to print out a sheet of all the texts their son or daughter had sent or received that month. There are numerous ways you will know if your son or daughter is safe or not. Parents can also disable picture messages and video messages, so you will know they arent sending things that you would be ashamed of. Texting can be disabled also on phones if you dont want your child running up the bill by sending thousands of text each month. Cell phones can be used just to contact family and the teenagers parents. They do not need to be used for the teen to keep in touch with friends. If your teen is already driving you can buy them a hands free kit or earpiece so you know they will not be using their phone or holding it while they are driving. By doing this teens are less likely to be getting into a crash. Overall, cell phones are vitally important for a teenagers everyday life.

I personally think Myspace and Facebook are foolish and senseless websites for teens to be on and members of. The majority of teenagers on Myspace and Facebook are giving out way too much personal information and that has been resulting in “creepers” raping, assaulting, and manipulating teens. Teenagers on Myspace and Facebook talk about things they normally would not talk about such as sex, drinking, drugs, and violence. Although they do not actually do these things they feel the need to impress people online. If their so called

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