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A computer is a tool most people have in their homes. Almost anyone who has been alive in the past 10 years has used a computer at least once. Computers serve a wide variety of uses. Most people have them at their house for fun and some small work Such as writing an essay, or editing pictures. Big companies and labs use them to do very extensive work. The computer is probably one of the most widely used inventions and this paper will explain the difference between these and other types of computers.

Home computers are the kind you see advertised on T.V. They are usually very cheap in price and in quality. The reason for them being so cheap is because the company uses cheap bulk parts to build them. For example: a restaurant wont go to Wal-Mart to buy supplies, they would go to Sams and buy their supplies in bulk because its cheaper. Supplies at Wal-Mart are consumer priced, not re-sale priced. The same goes for computers. More advanced computer users typically choose to build their own or upgrade one bought from these companies. They usually sell you short somewhere on the deal. Some of them dont even come with a monitor. These computers are fine for regular computer users that use it to check their email, or surf the web. When used in these types of applications the computer will function fine. But, if you try to do more than that, it just wont perform well at all.

Another group is mobile PCs. These devices are everywhere. Your cell phone is a mobile PC. Some cell phones now allow a person to watch movies, listen to music and surf the Internet all on a device that can fit into your pocket. They can also make phone calls too! This is all done because inside that plastic shell is just a very small computer. Another mobile device is the common laptop. It is a full computer shrunk down to be portable. Some laptops are just as good as or even better than any desktop computer you can buy. As technology grows, the devices get smaller and smaller. What once took up your whole desk can now fit on your lap. Technology is doubling every eighteen months right now. Technology is allowing us to take everyday things, such as phones, watches, and calculators and making them portable. Everything is going portable these days.

The next type of computer is the gaming computer. These are very popular with high school and college-aged kids. Most gaming computers are typically built by the user. This method is always cheaper and results in a better quality computer. You can pick your own parts instead

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