Tanning and Cellphone Bans
Essay title: Tanning and Cellphone Bans
This past semester we have discussed many controversial topics having to do with the government and ones personal beliefs. Some examples of this are Tanning salons, Health care, and talking on the cell phone while driving. Of course the government has to have some regulations on cell phones while driving. With the question of free universal health care the people and government think why change the system that we have now.. its working out fine isn’t it? And with the issue of regulations on indoor tanning salons some believe that that should be their own personal decision.

I personally believe that the government should have the right to control regulations on the issue of being on your cell phone while driving. Cell phones my be very distracting while on the road. The use of hand-held cell phones while driving believe it or not is not actually banned in all of the states. In Fact there are only a few states that have a current ban on driving with a hand-held cell phone device in the states of California, Connecticut the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Washington state and Oregon. Oregon is the only state that also had a ban on text messaging while driving. I personally believe that text messaging and driving also causes a distraction. I think that the government would not be wrong to make set regulations on this problem for all of the states.

There has always been the decision on weather the teen use of tanning salons should be banned or not. This is a tough decision to make because most people believe that if people are well aware of the dangers of the use of tanning beds if should be their choice. The other side of that debate is that most 14-17 year olds that do use tanning

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