Atonement Study Questions
Atonement Study Questions
ONE. Several viewpoints are presented within the first section of ‚ÄėAtonement‚Äô. Briony, the central character of this section, presents an intuitive but na–Ņve narration to be viewed with scrutiny. Cecilia and Robbie give a more realistic view of the world they live in, and Emily Tallis‚Äô small contribution gives the readers an insight into the impact of class on relationships.

The issue involving Cecilia’s venture into the fountain is perceived differently by Briony, Cecilia and Robbie. Briony believes that Cecilia is the victim of Robbie’s sexual bullying, which leads her to conclude that Robbie is capable of crime. Cecilia’s removal of her clothing to retrieve the vase from the fountain is interpreted by Robbie as a blunt statement on his class; that Cecilia only views Robbie as one below her stature. Cecilia again sees the event from a different viewpoint. She is merely angry and her stubborn attempt to retrieve the vase from the fountain is born of frustration.

The differing viewpoints on this event have a foreboding effect. It is easy to see that the perspectives adopted by these

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