Ring of Fire
Essay title: Ring of Fire
I think the basic point of the video was to symbolically compare the actual Ring of Fire, the horseshoe shaped area lined with volcanoes and earthquakes that line the Pacific, to an actual “ring” that starts at one place, goes through a transition, and comes back “full circle” to start anew.

Three main themes in the video were “Life is Reappearing”, “Paradise and Catastrophe” and “Creation and Destruction”; all deal with starting at one point, moving around in a circle, continuing the cycle over and over indefinitely.

Life is destroyed after a volcano. The eruptions cause hot lava to destroy the natural habitat of many animals and some people, causing the instability of the system. But after a while, when the system becomes stable again, life reappears. New organisms thrive in the changed habitat, providing food for other species and that is one of the ways the circle is complete.

Paradise and catastrophe go hand in hand as well. The catastrophic eruption of Mauna Kea underwater provided the beautiful paradise that is now Hawaii. Now many people and animals thrive on that island and many use it as a vacation spot.

The Earth has both creative and destructive powers. That is even evident with the 2004 Earthquake in East Asia and the following tsunami, and the creation of new islands such as the aforementioned

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