Cass Business School
Why Cass?Cass business school is a top ranked university with famous reputation in the field of business. I was attracted by the course content with a wide range of management theory. The module setting could well support my future career development. Besides the compulsory modules, Cass could also give me the chance to cultivate my own interests from various option modules. I believe such an outstanding institution would enlighten me on management.  Why management?Management is a crucial department in any field. It contains kinds of aspects such as human resources and marketing management. I was interested in this major because it is a practical course and will provide me with strong academic knowledge.Career planMy career objective is to be a human resource manager in a multinational organisation. Aiming to accomplishing this goal, I intend to be a management consultancy once I graduating to accumulate more experience. Since I majored in financial mathematics in undergraduate. I’m relatively familiar with financial system. Therefore, I plan to hunt job in financial field in China. StrengthI think my critical thinking is fairly good, which could assist me to think strategically in empirical research. And I regard myself as an assiduous student. But my problem-solving ability and innovation capacity need to be improve. I hope I can receive more professional training from Cass business school.

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