How to Solve a Case Study
How to Solve a Case Study
A case study is a collection of facts and data based on a real or hypothetical problem-oriented business situation. The objective of a case study is to develop ones ability to solve complex business problems, using a logical framework. In all case studies you must analyze the material and state which specific actions best resolve the major issues or problems presented. These actions must reflect the information contained in the case environment facing the firm.

An analysis of a case study should include the following sequential steps:
Presentation of the facts surrounding the case
Identification of the key issues
Listing of the alternative courses of action that could be taken
Evaluation of alternative courses of action
Recommendation of the best course of action
Presentation of the facts surrounding the case
During the first subsequent reading of the case, you should:
Underline important facts
Interpret all figures and charts
Question comments made by individuals
Judge the rationality of past and current decisions
Develop a list of questions whose answers would be useful in addressing the retailers key issues.
Identification of the key issues
Many times the facts surrounding a case points out the key issues facing a firm, such as new opportunities, a changing environment,

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