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international perspectives. Journal of Business Strategies, 23 (1): 1-12.
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Workshop Question
Read the case study which you have been given (Chapter 17: Micro-Finance, a Successful Tool for Poverty Alleviation?). In small groups, answer the following:

a) Could microfinance systems assist recession-hit areas of the developed world as well?
b) Could microfinance form the basis of an “alternative economy,” or is it too closely tied up with neoliberal economics to operate as such?
c) How might microfinance systems, directly or indirectly, benefit multinational corporations?
Written Assignment
Working individually, produce an essay of not more than 2,500 words on the following topic:
Choose ONE of the following case studies of companies which have undergone changes in their recent history (presented here with suggested readings to start with). Identify TWO aspects of HR involved in this change, discuss how they affected or were affected by the crisis, and consider the implications for wider HRM practice.

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