Case Study on Siemens
A case study onSiemens’ simple structure[pic 1]Department of Business AdministrationShahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet.[pic 2]                                             A case study onSiemens’ simple structureCourse Title: Organizational Behavior                                              Course Code: BUS 254[pic 3]        Submitted To:Mrs. Sakufa ChowdhuryAssistant Professor,Department of Business Administration,Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.Submitted By:Name of the StudentsRegistration No.Nilanjana Purkaystha2013731006Sakhawat Hussain Tanim2013731018Tanhar Ahmed Chowdhury2013731021Dipta Paul2013731057Humaun Shahan2013731071Date of Submission: 25th September, 2016         IntroductionOne of the largest electronics companies of the world.Around 4, 05,000 employees.Branches – 190 around the world.Reputed for its engineering prowess.Swot AnalysisStrengthReputed for its engineering prowess.Huge labor force and market.Make quick decisions because bureaucratic structure.        WeaknessSluggishness and mechanistic structure.Halt of board of directors are labor representatives.Conflict in interests between the company and labor force.OpportunitiesProper use/ using of labor force.Change in operational strategy. More control in operation.ThreatsLess cooperative labor union.Negative impacts of outside relationships of labor.Answers of the QuestionsQ1. What do Kleinfelds efforts at Siemens tell you about the difficulties of restructuring organizations?Ans: The main difficulties that Kleinfeld faced was reaction of the labor force. In that extent the difficulties of restructuring organization according to Klienfeld’s efforts were :

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