The Guitar
The Guitar
1. The guitar first came to be known in the 14th century. When it was first known it had three pairs of strings including a single string which was for the high notes. It was thought to have originated in Spain where it became quite popular with the lower and middle class people in later into the 16th century. During the 16th and 17th centuries the guitar popularity spread into other European countries. Then by the 18th century on into the 19th century, the use of guitars spread across the world into the United States all the while forming into the type we use today. Two more strings were added for a sum of 6 strings, along with the shape and make of the guitar. The most popular maker of guitars is, Fender. Many music stars are known to use only this brand. Fender is known for the first electric guitar that was mass-produced, the Telecaster, the electric bass, the Precision Bass, and the very popular Stratocaster guitar.

2. When I think of a guitarist I immediately think of Carlos Santana. Although I am not a huge fan of his music, my mom on the other hand is. I remember hearing his music in the past and appreciating his true skill as a guitar player. Santana first became famous with his blues band, “Santana’s Blues Band”. The band’s music focused on Santana’s high pitched guitar lines. Santana came surging back with popularity again

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