Continuing Academic Success
Continuing Academic Success
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Continued Academic Success
Even though there has been alot of people who has reached success without going to college, getting a degree is the best way to excel in the job market. Most jobs past entry level positions requires some form of a degree because there is a good chance that you can make twice as much money as people without a degree.

Heading #1 (Example Idea: Educational and Career Goals)
Include at least one educational goal and one career goal and how setting goals can lead to success (150-200 words).
My goal is to get a degree in computer science so I can get a job that is not entry level. I will set my goals using the S.M.A.R.T goals method for the most efficient result.

Specific – My goals will be specific to the Who, What, Where, When and Why to avoid being side tracked.
Measurable – I will set solid goals so I can keep track and measure what is need to reach my goals.
Achievable – I will make my goals achievable by determining if I can reach them on my own or do I need help. Will I do need help how much help? Do I have the time to reach my goals? And are the resources accessible?

Relevant – I will make sure that I really want to do the goal set by making sure it is worth the effort, necessary, the right time and have positive results.

Timely – I will keep track of hat time to start, finish and set a milestone between start to finish.
Heading #2 (Example Idea: The Writing Process)
Discuss how the writing process can help you advance in your education and your career (150-200 words).
I plan to use the proper writing process to write in a clear and concise manner to achieve the highest grade possible. By effectively accessing and using information from the University of Phoenix library to research and gather information to persuade or motivate my audience properly will be the most efficient way of achieving my goal.

The writing process easily translates into many career situations and also improves my vocabulary as I explore new ways to express myself. And since writing says a lot about your social standing I want to present myself in the best possible way when at work. So I will write clear and effectively to show my intelligence when reaching out to your co-workers, superiors and potential employers.

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