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After completing the career exercise on career interest profiler I observe that I am conventional, social and investigative which in it not surprise to me was because I to understand that conventional occupation frequently involve following set procedure and routine and I am that person especially having a military background. When on the other hand social occupations frequently involve working with, communication often involve helping or providing service to other and as a the person I am I always want to see others doing go and I am always available to provide a helping hand. So investigative occupation frequently involve working with idea and require extensive amount of thinking and personally speaking i always been that type since I was young always want to be the one to discover and search for fact because I always want to base whatever I know off of facts so I have always been that type.

In the exercise I discover my competencies which are define as a cluster of related ability, commitments, knowledge and skill that enable a person to act effectively. After reviewing my results I notice that all my competencies is just about the same none of them is strong that the other. So in other words I have sufficient knowledge and skills that will enable me to fit in any situation.

So competencies are all about who we are as a person. It could be categorize in two the first being about myself which would include aptitude, comprehension, preferences, stress tolerance and finally deliberation. The second category of personal competencies is the ability to build relationship with others which will include both oral and written communication.

My critical thinking skill help me decide what course of action to take at any given time and it dont matter what course of action I take I will have facts to back it up with no matter.so I will always support my course of action with solid evidence. My critical thinking skill also helps me decide on more than one what to solve a problem or to come to a conclusion. So dont analyze any situation just try and get to the bottom of it right away. I can also use my competencies to help evaluate arguments. I can take any arguments and looking into before I speak out loud about so doing a little research on it could do it before thinking out loud and cause an argument.

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