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Intolerance is a problem that plagues our international society. It has been the cause of countless crimes and wrongdoings throughout the history of humanity. People have suffered because of intolerance in a variety of ways, the most extreme being death. Sometimes those guilty of severe hate crimes have to face capital punishment, which is a major topic of controversy in our country. Is it right to punish a killer by the death penalty? Or does the death penalty simply cause more injustice? There have been millions of deaths due to intolerance throughout times past, and now it is to be decided weather those guilty of murder due to intolerance shall be sentenced to death or not.

The Middle East is a good example of this because of the religious persecution that is exhibited there. Because of sectarian governments in the region, there are mass murders of innocent civilians because of their religious affiliation or simply because of a minor infraction that is considered illegal or offensive, and thus punishable by death. In some countries like Pakistan, nearly every religious sect has been targeted such as the Ahamdis, Christians, and the random, mutual extermination of Sunni and Shiite Muslims. These Muslim groups are trying to take order into their own hands by sentencing other civilians to death. So, in a way it is a form of capital punishment if a religious group in a sectarian government kills someone else based on the governments belief of what is right or wrong, regardless if it was actually government sanctioned. Thus by taking the government into their own hands, they are continuing a vicious cycle of hate and revenge that shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down in some parts of the world.

In the United States, intolerance and capital punishment have a much different role in society. Intolerance is not as obvious, and there is not as much violence due to intolerance as the Middle East. Capital punishment varies

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