Against Death Penalty
Essay title: Against Death Penalty
Seventy-four countries around the world still permit death penalty. Three thousand, eight hundred, and sixty-one countries have outlawed the capital punishment. Yet, one thousand, five hundred, and ninety-one prisoners were executed in 2006. The amounts of executions occurring are decreasing slowly, for there were nearly one thousand executions in 2002. The world should be glad that the executions have decreased because nothing optimistic will be brought upon our world by putting the criminals on death penalty. Capital punishment should be banned in every country around the world. Capital punishment is a barbarian act, which should not be used because of the possibilities of innocent death, violation of God’s role, and a chance for a convicted to “pay-back” the society.

What might happen if a convict was found innocent of the violations, he was accused of committing, only after the person was executed? The jury cannot just tell the person’s family and friends that they are truly sorry for the mistake they made. Nothing in the entire world can make up for the life that has been lost. Sometimes, the judges will claim that a person committed a delictum because they do not have enough evidence, witness, or an alibi. The justice department is not always sure that the data they have is correct. For example, a man might be accused of a dereliction because he was the only survivour in the crime scene. The police can never be sure about what actually happened at the crime scene because most of the time, they arrive after the criminals get away. Even if there is a witness, the officers can never be sure if the witness is telling the truth. What if the witness is on the same side as the criminal who was responsible? People sent to jail with miner punishments can probably forgive the justice department when they are proven innocent, but if no one can forgive the jury if the executed person is proven to be innocent. No one should take chances and disarray other peoples’ lives if they are not going to be able to indemnify.

Humans do not have the right to take the lives of other humans, who God created. God created humans to be alike him in his image, so the beings he created could rule over all of the other living things in the world. However, he did not give people the power to make decisions about the time and the place of another human’s death, no matte what the circumstance is. The jury, who gives the order to put mafia on death sentence, is same as the assassin. Just because the jury is not using knives or violence to kill the Cosa Nostra, does not mean that they are not murderers.

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