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The benefits and concerns in joining the forces
There are many things to consider before making a career in the Canadian forces. There are goods and bads. Some people think that serving for your country is mandatory and some think that it is a choice that some have to make.

There are many aspects in a career in the Canadian forces that you have to consider. One of the major reasons why people want to have or make a career out of the forces is because of their countrys pride. The people who serve are people who are very proud of their country and would sacrifice their life for their country. The forces arent only about going to war, they are about representing the country you live in, the country you are born in and the country you call as home. When you are in the forces you will participate to much more than just going to war. Physical training is one of the most important things about the forces, not one of the solders is in a poor physical shape. If having a very healthy body is something important the forces could be a good option. If having a very good education is another goal for you, the forces will provide you with all you need in a very well formatted way. Helping around your country is very important too, if there is a natural disaster, the forces will be the first on site to help out its people. The program the forces offer is very impressive and deserves a good look. If sports are very important to you and you would like to pursue a career in amateur sports you can still have fun doing your sports, going to school, working out and serving your country .Now thats a deal!! There is one thing you have to remember, dedication is required. If you are a proud citizen or Canada and your goal is to serve for your country and be a part of what is called the army, but still want to have an education and continue the sports or activities you normally do, considering the forces could be a very good career. The forces will also offer you a pension plan that is very interesting .the average solder retires at the age of 40.this give a long life of free decisions wit money that is carefully put aside for your future and your children.

Joining the forces could mean sacrificing your life for your country. The opinion of people on this subject is much diversified and can be the subject of many discussions. In many cases your life is more important that your countrys safety. Some say this is wrong some say its normal to think like this. While serving for your country, going to war, many injuries occur and this means that some solders stay wounded all their lives. Some loose a leg

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