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Public Media Relations: 100plus Company

Executive Summary[pic 1][pic 2]100 PLUS is a well-known company that is associated with isotonic drinks since 1983. They launched their campaign “On The Move” with the desire of getting Malaysians to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. With their catchy tagline “Let’s get moving with 100 PLUS”, 100 PLUS encourages Malaysians to start being active and getting on their feet. “On The Move” campaign’s objective includes to urge Malaysians to be diligent in aspects of being more healthy, to build stronger brand awareness and the advantages of isotonic hydration in our daily lives, to focus on maintaining and strengthening the relationship between consumer. 100 PLUS have addressed their objectives by making 100PLUS Move application for both Android and iPhone, being commenced through different stations like TV, radio, print and online notices and even in-store presentations. “On The Move” campaign have their primary target that includes sports enthusiasts from 15 to 29 years old with the confidence for penchant for challenges all over Malaysia. Not only that, 100 PLUS also targets their secondary target which includes youth that are consumed with heavy responsibilities and techno-savvy groups. Behind the success of every campaign, there lies the role of media relations that made it happen. In this case, 100 PLUS’s “On The Move” campaign used press release to connect with their audience and received positive media coverage from leading print such as Marketing Magazine, The Borneo Post and The Star Online.

 Table of ContentExecutive Summary                                                        2Background                                                                4AnalysisCampaign’s Objective                                                5Evaluation of Campaign’s Objectives being addressed                     5Campaign’s Audience                                                7Role of Media Relations                                                9Tactics used and it’s Suitability                                        Evaluation Plan                                                        Recommendations                                                        References                                                                Appendices                                                                Bibliography                                                                Background100PLUS was propelled in Malaysia in 1983. Relatively revolutionary with its Sports & Active Lifestyle situating then, achievement did not come effortlessly for the new brand. In any case, the organizations administration behind the brand trusted in the items capability and persisted. The organization worked enthusiastically and kept on contributing assets, time and push to assemble the brand and to elevate 100PLUS to the brandishing group who were then new to the benefits of isotonic drinks.

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