12 Monkeys
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As the film begins, me and the audience are suddenly thrown into a strange, quirky world. The films originally produced music starts up the movie, and sounds like something tacky nobody has ever heard about. It immediately sent me a message that this film was going to be different.

I wasnt able to decide whether I liked it at first. I couldnt get used to the small irregularities, like the bicycle riding and lack of any population other the main characters and any sign of cars, or odd characters with the strange-clothing one-sided personalities. The set of the movie, which was mostly outside, was very dull, empty, and plain.

Seeing as Halifax was where the movie was set, it caught my attention right off that bat, because its interesting to see what local films are being made all around you. However, “Parsley Days” seemed nothing like real life in Halifax, but in a way, all the weird things fit together to create a different reality.

The Director created her own atmosphere, which was easily influenced by the short budget. She was able to film what she could with what she had. She ended up using actors who were willing to act on her film for very little in return. Many of these people were friends of hers, or family members doing it all for experience, support, and also fun. You have to give her credit: This was just her first film, and she had very little money to fund into the movie production. Even though her film had such a low budget, it all seemed to work out for her: the picture and camera work is very clean and unique, with definite camera shots and a clear storyline that flows in pace (though a very gradual pace) that the viewer can grasp easily. The story line, though a bit uneventful, droned and extremely repetitive, would somehow grasp you in immediately, whether you liked it or not. Even though I felt negative towards it while watching it, but I still found it to be new and fun, and it was amusing to see the very odd characters and strange ways of life. And as for the actors, they turned out to somehow fit into the style of the movie, though for the most part I found the acting seemed dry, and emotionless.

I dont think this film is at all bad. I think it is a very well produced film, with a very steady plot, and a strong original atmosphere. I think that this film was a gateway film for the director to being to create bigger movies. The director made a good start, and

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