Hamlet Directed by Laurence Olivier
Essay Preview: Hamlet Directed by Laurence Olivier
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Sergio Farias
Mrs De Sousa-Swan
November 22, 2016
To Zoom Or Not To Zoom
In the film “Hamlet” directed by Laurence Olivier he portraits multiple media related effects to make his point come across in set soliloquy as well as the involvement of word for word lines straight from the novel.

To further explain how camera angles alter certain parts of the short clip directed by Laurence Olivier as well as effect the perspective of the viewer. A representation shown would be during minute (0:45) by slowly zooming into the back of the actors head it Portraits his inner thoughts, after words by fading the the shot into a clip of the edge of a cliff to further emphasize the fact of him considering committing suicide. with a various types of camera angles and effects it becomes much easier to Attain the viewers attention as well as making them look at the story through a different mind set and lens

When preforming in a film its very positive to use word for word lines when preforming straight from the novel. with this it allows the viewer to get a sense of what the novel is actually like. if they were to of changed the lines in set soliloquy it wouldnt of gave the viewer the same level of Intelligence gained and as well would of confused the viewer if they ended up reading the book. this allows you to analysis it in your own words.

This directer has found a different way to Combine both media related effects with english to further help the viewer.

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