Advertising Brief For Cadbury
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Advertising Brief
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury is a company with a long history in Australia and a passionate commitment to making everyone feel happy.
When Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with its deliciously smooth texture and unique creamy taste, was first introduced in the early 1900s, it made an immediate impact quickly becoming the market leader. The success story has continued until today when it is still the top selling chocolate brand in the country. The Cadbury Mega Brands broad family of products has an international retail value approaching $1billion.

Target Market
Cadbury Dairy Milks target market would be all ages but particularly to people who enjoy chocolate. In this case the social class of the consumers isnt a big issue but lifestyle, (with the prices of petrol and everyday living) is a big issue as many consumers must cut down on their luxuries just to afford the cost of living in todays society

The objective of the advertising campaign is to have increase brand awareness and increase market share by 5% by Dec 2007 to be an even bigger market leader than they already are.

This will be done by placing in-store poster in petrol stations and supermarkets which informs consumers of their new promotion. “Win 1 of 20 life time supplies of chocolate valued at $20,000.


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