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Two Dozen Eggs and a Half Dozen Cops
Essay title: Two Dozen Eggs and a Half Dozen Cops
Marcus Clark
ENG 1100-03
Ms. Callier
There is not much to do during spring break in Springfield, Oh but go out and make your own fun. Now what I mean by that is you can have good fun. For example, you can go bowling, have a party or just chill out with your friends. Then there is bad fun. For example, go egging or buy paintball guns and shoot stuff. My friends and I decided to have bad fun for spring break. When we first started egging it was only six of us. Earl, David, Charles, Brandon, Jerrid, and myself. As the first couple of days went by we realized that other people in the city was starting to form teams of their own to get us back for egging them. Let me tell you a little bit about my crew. Earl is my right hand man. He was giving the nickname cruel intentions for a reason. David is my best friend. He is a cool, laid back type of guy. Charles is my cousin. If u see David, Charles, and I at once people would think we was all brothers. Charles can be quiet sometimes but he also has a wild side to him. Brandon is my other cousin. He is the live wire out of the bunch. Brandon is pretty much ready for anything. If its fun he will join. Jerrid says one word about once every ten minutes. But his action speak louder than words. And then there is me. I go by the name Marcus. Some of my friends in Springfield call me Marc-d or mc. I am a quiet, laid back, live wire type of guy.

Earl, Charles, Jerrid and myself was all seniors in high school. Brandon and David graduated the year before us. The six of us probably went egging about three or four days out of nine days. By Tuesday came around a few of our guys started to drop off. Brandon, David, Jerrid and Charles thought we were going to get caught so they jumped ship. That Wednesday Earl and I got up with one of our good friends. He go by the name Leon. He like to have fun plus he wanted to go egging before we said something to him about it. That night we went to meijer to load up on some eggs. While we was there we seen that they had a sell on paintball guns. We all had enough money to get ourselves a gun. That paintball gun was my paintbrush and I was ready to paint my masterpiece. So now we had paintball guns and eggs to have fun with. Buying the balls for the guns and also buying eggs was breaking our pockets. So we stop with the paintball guns because the eggs was cheaper plus nobody else didn’t have paintball guns. The next day Earl and I had to make another group because it was just us to. The two of us went out and got Leon, Skyler and Mike. Skyler and Mike both played baseball and Leon ran track. Earl and I was also on the track team. That night all five of us jumped in to my 89 Buick Regal and went looking for targets. We was so good at egging we can hit a car while we was still in the car driving. We seen this little red car driving slow on the other side of the road so we hit. The car we hit did a quick u-turn and started chasing us. It was about four or five white boys in the car we hit. I started thinking, If I pull over I wounder if they would. So I pulled over. Then they pulled over in a parking lot near by. In my head I am thinking they must want to fight us. They didn’t because they was still sitting in the car. I am trying to look in the car to see if I know any of them. One thing I could see was one of them on a cell phone.

The five of us got back in the regal and drove off. I drop the guy off at earl and I house and I went to see my girlfriend. While I am driving I see a car behind me with the lights off. It was the car we had hit. I am thinking what the hell how they find me. My girlfriend and I is sitting out in front of her house talking about what happened. The car drives back by and toss two eggs at the house. My girl is like u better handle that. So I hurried up and left so I can lose them but some how they found me. I live on the south side of town. So I called

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