With the growing globalization, and technology the need to generate revenue has also grown. The business world today, is in a
In today’s world overhauled by globalization, business ethics is becoming important. Globalization brings the example of survival of the fittest. It is driving companies into a huge competitive market. When companies are pressured by such competition, they may sometimes go to extremes in order to survive or grow. Such actions are mostly unethical, which is why business ethics is becoming such a huge issue these days.

The movie taking the example of Nike shoe production in the third world countries using cheap child labor shows the way unethical means are adopted to save money. This gives rise to a big ethical dilemma. In US child labor is illegal, you can go to jail for that. However, companies from US run business in other countries to save money (cheap labor) and at the same time feel guilty to have been “Unethical”. The Bhopal Gas tragedy in India in 1984 is also another example of unethical business conduct leading to environmental pollution and a huge catastrophe. The same thing in the US would have led to the company Union Carbide Corporation from

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