Life as It Says in the Business World
Life as it says in the business world.
Life in the business world is fun and tuff, been able to win business against your competitors gives you the thrill that you could not have otherwise with any other, having said that the fun of loosing is even better. it gives you the opportunity to come up with a better strategy that could widen your thinking, put you on the map for bigger business in the future.

What makes you tick, what makes you go that extra mile, what makes you to be that person otherwise will not make you! Its all about passion, the need to achieve, the need to avoid rejection, the need for fulfillment, the need to be accepted buy the ones you want to associate with, its all about been wanted in an unwanted world, its all about doing the right thing for you in the wrong of the other, your victory is another persons failure and visa versa, so what do you want,money, cloths, cars, will this bring you happiness, I dont think so, what will bring you happiness is the small things you do to make the other person happy, then what do we do, lets start by been that nice guy in the organization, helpful, cheerful and supportive that the only way you will be able to make sense of the nonsense.

Many organization during bad times or good times down size companies to look more productive and profitable on the books they present, the point is these same organization could take the same people and invest in a new project increasing the profit, the problem is with the senior executives, the shortest cut is to layoff, no much thinking and the easiest way to increase their bonuses, but what they dont realize is all of this comes back to them in ways they will never imagine, what goes around comes around, I am sure they will have money so that will not be a issue but they pAy in many ways, maybe with a bad spouse, bad children, chronic illness with one of the family

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