Organisational Behaviour
Organisational Behaviour
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Organisational Behaviour
Businesses throughout the world have always been in an ongoing struggle with the need to locate and retain the right human resource, in addition to ensuring that this resource is in the right place at the right time Drummond, H., & EBSCO Publishing. (2004). For a long time the business world, particularly in relation to human resource, has been exceptionally competitive, however recent trends (such as globalization) “The capitalist world-economy has no single political center it has been able to flourish precisely because [it] has had within its bounds not one but a multiplicity of political systems, which has given capitalists a freedom of maneuver that is structurally based and has made possible the constant expansion of the world-system” (1974: p348). This has vastly increased the requirements for resource to be sourced on a global scale as the work environments question numerous corporate ethics and business practices, specifically benefit packages, localization of Human Resource Policies/ Processes and cultures. In addition to the standard resource required there is an increasing need for all successful business leaders to be, at least bilingual and more and more preference is shown to those business leaders who are multilingual. This is presenting a far greater challenge to the business community than the standard awareness and leadership training. Discovering multilingual business leaders with enough seniority and the necessary business acumen and skills is far more challenging than it would appear Gina Poncini, (Feb 2004, pp. 17-32), later in this document I will explain my rational behind this statement.

Computer literacy is another area also becoming a very critical skill set required for all senior business leaders in the Global market (The Round Table, 2005 (pp. 643-786). The Global market standard reporting elements of businesses now require a variety of presentations skills, communications skills and analytical analysis to be presented at all board meetings “Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work” Kaplan, Robert & David P. Norton (1993).

“Today’s rapidly changing business environment offers unparalleled challenges and opportunities to businesses seeking to grow their future leaders. A well designed, well executed development program, tailored to the needs of high-potential managers, can offer organizations a competitive edge by growing thoughtful, flexible leaders for the future” Kovach, R (2005).

This document will describe in detail the different approaches made by scholars and business managers regarding the relationship to Organisational behaviour and the impacts of ensuring it is deliberated carefully and with forethought prior to any implementation of the business strategy to be deployed. There have been numerous books, journals and analysis carried out throughout history on the subject of Organisational Behaviour without any definitive realisation of the outcomes. Each author has defended the arguments regarding their findings and thoughts, however I have chosen specific references in this text to back up my opinion and in addition to provide the reader with an impartial view of the different options and opinions available.

It is my view that the most successful companies are those that principally realize the significance of the manpower they utilize and the need to increase their overall knowledge and empowerment. Dissemination and delegation of authority within an organisation is another key success factor to successful companies, I will continue to explain, in detail, my argumentations regarding the variety of solutions that, under my scrutiny and in my opinion, can contribute to this hypothesis.

Organisational behaviour can be defined or described by utilizing numerous descriptive expressions, these include personal, professional, organisational and strategy. During this document there are various references to materials produced on this subject by some of the highest regarded professional’s history. However none of the information provided can produce a definitive answer to the various questions still surrounding Organisational Behaviour.

Most people think of organisational behavior relating specifically to the human interface with businesses however this subject does not necessarily relate to merely the human elements of a business but also the ecological factors, economics, financial, and the business development policies and processes. I will attempt to step through these key features of business and corporate life and explain

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