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Globalization is the measure firms take to market their product, service, or goods to the next level. Utilizing their business strategies, which built the company to its current level. The United States has flourished economically due to past and present business activities pouring money into the economy. Without business activities no city, state, or nation will succeed. There are several drivers within globalization, which would be hard to maintain without such activities. For example, food, shelter, clothing, and the government itself are considered major drivers of Globalization. Also, globalization of business is important in part, because it has vastly increased international competition.

In order to keep up with foreign competitors, globalization is necessary in order to stay afloat of any production, marketing, or service with the means of taking the business to the next level. Throughout the world firms that formerly competed only with local firms, face an onslaught of new foreign competitors. As one international business expert put it, “The bottom line is that the growing integration of the world economy into a single, huge marketplace is increasing the intensity of competition in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries” (Dessler 1998).

It is difficult to write about one company globalizing its business due to the vast number of businesses having gone global. The one factor overall interesting; trying to understand global business and the numerous languages used to describe it. International business, international trade, international investment, international management, and multinational corporation (MNC). Small business owners can surly be swallowed whole without blinking an eye just like the daily maneuvers in the United Stated with

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corporations bench marketing. Large firms have a better chance going global. Its a must in the 21st century to consider globalization along with strategic planning

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