Izmir National University Case Study
1. What do the comments by the faculty tell you about INUs strategy?
Izmir National University had a very rapid growth in their organization within recent years. The faculty in the Business school is unable to keep up with the growth, this has led to confusion, lack of funding and resources and chaos among faculties. The statements from the faculties do not represent any strategies. There is no concise vision or supporting mission statements. The organization has no direction or structure at all. There is no business strategy for the faculties to implement or follow. For example, one faculty member notes that research is the primary mission and they need more focus on the funding of research, and other faculty states opposite that the University puts too much effort on research and they are only there to teach. Moreover, the business school does not have a clear understanding of their basic core competencies let alone what kind of business school they would like to be in future. This is a very real problem in the organization hopes to keep up with the growing numbers of students.

2. What would you recommend the Dekan do regarding the Business Schools strategic planning process? What role would you recommend the Dekan play in this process?

“The organizations business strategy is a set of objectives, plans, and policies for the organization to compare successfully (Meredith & Shafer, 2010).” My recommendation to Dekan will be to do strategic planning of the organization vision & mission statements, a variety of external factors and a range of internal factors. Vision statement is used to express the organizations values and aspirations. Mission statement is used to express the organizations purpose for existence. Important external forces to consider are environment (e.g., economy, government regulations, climate), competitors (e.g., new product introductions, industry consolidation, new entrants from outside the industry), the technology available, and customer requirements. Important internal forces to consider are organizational resources, the organizations core competencies/capabilities, its culture, and its weaknesses. “One of the most important factor of developing a business strategy is identifying the organizations core competencies and capabilities that provide those product/service dimensions important to customer and hence the source of customer value (Meredith & Shafer,

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