Business Research Project Part 5 (5)
Business Research Project Part 5Orlando Asuncion, Greg Fowler, Robert Francis,Leandrea Nelson and Angela StittsworthQNT/561June 22, 2015Professor Leda VillalobosBusiness Research Project Part 5Deuces Wild Casino in Las Vegas is one of the most reputable and profitable casino-entertainment companies in the state. Because of a recent expansion into various other locations throughout the country, the company has begun to increase its hiring efforts to fill both current and future positions within the company. Within the last year, the company has managed to hire a significant amount of newly talented and unique employees to help fill those vacancies towards maintaining the company’s operational excellence and leadership throughout the community. However, the company has also experienced a perpetual rise in employee theft rates within that same period, bringing into question if a relationship exists between the two elements. Therefore, management suggests that a research study first be conducted that investigates whether or not a relationship exists between the increase of new employees and the rise in reported crime within the company. If a relationship is determined to exist based on the data, additional steps should be taken to ascertain the reasons behind the increase, and provide suggestions for further actions to be taken.

Research QuestionDoes the number of employees hired on a yearly basis affect employee related crime rates in casinos?Hypothesis StatementsThe research hypothesis is formulated as follows:Ho: No significant relationship exists between the increase in the number of employees hired and the percentage increase in reported crime. (P-value ≥ α)Ha: A significant relationship exists between the increase in the number of employees hired and the percentage increase in reported crime. (P-value < α)Independent/Dependent VariablesIndependent Variable: The increased number of employees hired.Dependent Variable: The percentage rise in crime.Method of Sampling and Sample SizeWe intend to use a systematic random sampling plan to obtain our data for the two variables. The data on the number of employees hired per year will be recorded, and the corresponding yearly crime rate also recorded. The target study looks to obtain a sample from at least three casinos in Las Vegas since this will be a good representative of the population of interest as far as our research is concerned. Having a representative population frame will also ensure validity and reliability of our findings. From this population, a sample size of 30 (n = 30) will be used. To test our null hypothesis and determine the nature of the relationship between our variables of interest, MegaStat was used to run a Pairwise correlation test.

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