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Ricky A Rodriguez
3555 Olinville Ave apt 3h
Bronx, NY 10467
[email protected]
Cell: (646) 402-2377
10 Clarkson Ave #3056
Potsdam, NY 13699
To obtain a business position where I can utilize my technical abilities, gain further business experiences, and apply my
knowledge of business law, economics, information systems and business processes.
Clarkson University Class of May 2008
Potsdam, NY
Major: Business Management & Technology
Minors; Law Studies and Economics
A&J Mechanical HVAC
May 2007 – August 2007
Learned how to analyze departmental processes and determine factors that affect current processes and, if needed, recreate a new process with quality, reliability and ability to meet required schedules.

Participated in evaluation of potential supplier and review supplier qualification needed to be a supplier for A&J Mechanical HVAC.
Developed service planning process mapping scheduling project management, quality control, and work measurement.
NYC Parks and Recreation
May 2005 – August 2005
Parks associate / Public Relations
May 2006 – August 2006
Worked closely withy young kids and parents in evaluating recreational functions.
Ensured that public relations and information was well distributed throughout the community.
Strengthened skills in communicating with business and public personnel on a more team-organized workforce.
Learned how to use business application to ensure better quality relations.
Acquired problem solving experience using applications such as Access and Excel.
Entrepreneurship, Management & Organization – Team Building, Leadership, and Business August 2003- April 2004
Participated in a unique business class experience where students create their own business.

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