Mgt 190 – Pootle Stores Business Plan
Business PlanCourse No.: MGT 190Course Name: Business PlanTitle of the Assignment: Option A. Expanding a one-store operation to a two-store operationDate: 17 April , 2012                                [pic 1][pic 2]Business PlanContents                                                                 PageIntroduction of Business Plan on Pootle Stores1.1   Introduction of the Venture                                                            31.2   Introduction of Current Business                                        31.3   Business Aspiration                                      4-52  Organization Structure   2.1   Owner                                                                                                                         6   2.2   Management Team and Employees                                                        6   2.3   Company Legal Structure                                                                                6   2.4   Contractors                                                                                                                63  Financial Aspect   3.1   Operating Cost of New Store Opening                                                7   3.2   Investment Requests on Launching a Venture                                7   3.3   Anticipate Revenue                                                                                   8-9Marketing Strategy4.1   PEST Analysis on the Business Environment                                          104.2   SWOT Analysis of Pootle Store                                                                        114.3   Marketing Strategy Based on 4Ps                                                         12-135  Operation                                                                                                    14

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