Effective Communication in Business Meetings
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Effective Communication in Business Meetings
Effective communication in business meetings consists of several factors. Careful planning and preparation are essential to maximizing meeting effectiveness. The people who participate in meetings usually have a very hectic schedule. People may be more willing to become involved in meetings, if they know their time will be well spent. There are several key factors that play a part on how to effectively conduct business meetings; such as; planning, use of materials, communication skills and conflict management. “Let’s declare war on meetings—time wasting, poorly run, unnecessary meetings that none of us feels should be required as part of our work lives.” {Smith, G (2003). Meetings cannot, and should not be completely eliminated, even in a small company. There are ways to spend the time more effectively.

First of all, meetings should have a goal or objective. Having a goal or objective may sound trivial, but if there is no specifically stated desired outcome of the meeting, there is no point in having the meeting. There are plenty of reasons why people should meet including, but not limited to: communicating information, problem solving, and team building. Planning, communication, conflict management and follow-up

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