Letter of Transmittal
We are submitting to you the report about business idea of Trusting group that you requested. Our business idea was opened from demanding of gift items and fashion jewelry in teenagers and youth increase so fast. The purpose of the report is to inform you of our idea design for the gift shop where customers can be attracted by the nice items and an elegant space right at the store with instructors and available tools for them to make the handmade items in their own way. This idea was established by members of Trusting group when we made business idea plan together in strategy class. Our target customers are really eager and willing to pay for fun, and love to explore and self-sufficient.

Our gift shop has both online and offline model. Based on the modern trend of almost teenagers nowadays, we create our own vision, mission and objectives before opening the gift shop to serve the customers better. The vision is to bring customers happiness, satisfaction about the quality of our products and services. The difficulties we have to face are the fast changes about this kind of selling. Opening gift shop which requires the good quality, reasonable price, unique design is our mission. Furthermore, our objectives are increasing the profit and improving the skill in serving customers. Attracting more customers is our purpose, so the investment in training the employees are very necessary.

We hope with those objectives above, we can earn more profits and attract more customers. When our objectives meet the customers demand, they would be the big chance for us to run business smoothly. With this idea, we think that it fits for the “starters” like us. Moreover, we are rather interested in this kind of products, therefore it is easier for us to adapt with the changes. However, there are many gift shops having the same model like us, so we need to have more competitive advantages to compete with them and one of the competitive advantages we have is

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