Get It Done Company: Hr Policies and Procedures
[pic 3]GET IT DONEWhen you can’t…we canABSTRACTA Look at the HR DepartmentLisa Gibbs PresidentHRM510/Business Employment LawProfessor Judie BucholzOctober 13, 2015Get It DoneHR Policies and ProceduresCompany Background        Get it done is a company based on the premise that sometimes people just do not have enough time to get it done.  That is where we come in.  We are an errand company that runs all the errands that today’s working society does not have the time to do.  Mom and Dad are working.  The children are in school.  There are doctor’s appointments; all of these things tend to get in the way.  Not to mention a healthy social life.  Get it done will go grocery shopping, go to the post office, take the dog/cat etc. to the vet, or any other errand needed.  The Interview Process (Half. 2015)     The interview process involves many elements.  These elements are (1) How to conduct a job interview.  It is important to learn how to structure an effective job interview.  (2) Top interview questions to ask.  It is best to choose five specific questions to ask each applicant.  These questions help to pinpoint the right applicant for the job.  Research and decide on these questions.  (3) Bad interview, good hire.  Not everyone gives a successful interview.  Lean how to recognize when someone is having a bad interview, but may be a person of great potential.  (4) Interview mistakes.  Learn how to avoid being sidetracked.  (5)  Panel interviews.  Sometimes it is necessary to conduct a panel interview.  In a company with more than one leader, it may be deemed necessary for the applicant to meet with a group of leaders instead of just one.  (6) Closing the interview.  Finally, it is important to close the interview on a right note.  This may involve telling the applicant whether they are hired, or just thanking them for coming in.  Using this process will help to guide you into conducting the right kind of interview.        Employment Laws and Consequences         Doing this job involves dealing with many different kinds of people.  People of all races, religions, and beliefs contact us to run a myriad of errands.  It is necessary for me to mention how important it is not to break any job discrimination laws.  Job discrimination is any act, such as hiring, firing, or compensation based on a person’s race, religion, sex, or national origin.  In order to mitigate discrimination on the job, applicants, and employees are treated equally without thought of their race, religion, sex, nor national origin.  Focus on job requirements and performance only.  (HR Specialist. 2013)

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