Is A Business Career Preferable To Any Other Career
Essay Preview: Is A Business Career Preferable To Any Other Career
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The business sector in todays society is increasing rapidly, and with this increase comes the need for more people to manage and lead the growing companies, but this growing need also raises some potential questions. One of them is: Can a business career be as and even more attractive than any other career? Of course, the individual preferences and characteristics are inevitably of importance. However, if the criteria for the choice are assured employment, justification, both moral and financial, for the completed work as well as application of various personal strengths such as creativity, ambition, work habits and strategic approach, the, the answer to the question stated above becomes obvious to the young person looking for a good perspective in his life.

There are a lot of people around the world who have not chosen a business career to make up for their living, but a normal job. What could be the possible reasons for their choice and situations?

A survey in is being performed with the question whether is better for a person to own a business or a job. One answer said: “if u have money, time, knowledge and risk go for the business. if u want money by using your knowledge go for work, its also fun….. “. Some others were: “Depends on your family background. If you have a business family background ,then for sure business if not then job ,also if you specialized in any field then job ” and another person said that it absolutely depends on you and that ” IF U HAVE GOOD ECONOMICAL BACKGROUND TO ADJUST WITH SOME EARLY LOSS IN BUSINESS THEN IT SHOULD BE BEATER CHOICE. BUT THE FAMILY BACK GROUND IS NOT TOO STRONG OR THEY ARE TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON U THEN U SHOULD GO TO JOB FIRST TO GAIN NOT ONLY MONEY BUT EXPERIENCE ALSO, WHICH WILL HELP U A LOT IN FUTURE.”

Another person replied; “The answer to your question may not be simple or straight. It differs from person to person, his /her abilities, financial conditions, opportunities…..

However, if both the situations and opportunities appear equal at the starting point of time for any particular person – for job or own business; own business should be preferred. “(ref. 1).

The first person that said that it requires money, knowledge and risk taking to own a business has a strong point. However, if you lack the initial money needed to start a business in cash or in a bank, you are in a bit of a problem. You can not begin making your own business career unless you take a credit loan, which actually involves the greatest risk, because if it turns out that you can not return it on time, you end up in big trouble. So if you have only knowledge, as most people do due to their education, intelligence and experience, having a normal job is quite preferable. Also, having a family business puts in a very good starting point for beginning your own business, but because most people do not have this possibility, it would be better for them to start with a normal job too, in order to have steady income with which they could establish a better, more profitable carrier, but only in the long future.

In the web side of Boston works (ref. 2), a site for finding various types of jobs, a couple of articles are placed, information for which is taken from serious U.S. researches. In some of them it is concluded that woman are not preferable by most people to take the place of a boss, meaning to by the leading person of the business. It is stated that flexibility (one of the most important qualities that a leader must have) is not suitable for women. It is really hard for a woman to be a boss of a company since many people are still prejudiced and psychologically prefer man to take a leaders position, believing that woman just dont have the necessary abilities to be in this position. This presents a barrier not so significant, since we live in the 21st century and woman are almost established as professionally equal to men, but still present for the female part of the working force that would like to own a business career.

Business relations rule almost all aspects of human life. However, this is not a situation developed recently. History proves business to have had a major impact not only in the economical sphere, but also in the political and even cultural one. Trade enabled the cultural exchange between different peoples in the past. Searching for a trade route to India, Coulomb found America. The inevitable intersection between civilizations due to economical stimuli acquainted Italians, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French with the mysteries and glories of Indian, Chinese, and many other civilizations .In addition to this, the economical benefit of these extended trade relations enabled wealthy tradesmen to sponsor artists in order for them to create many of the world art masterpieces as it was the case in Italy after the medieval period. It is very difficult to imagine the Italian Renaissance without the Italian patronage, which did not come only from the aristocrats but also from the sphere of the newly developed bourgeois. Therefore, business is not the “ever consuming monster of greediness and profit”. It has noble applications that can be unintended at first place but have essential influence as, for example, cultural interchange; second, it enables the accumulation of finances that can be used for development of cultural projects. Recently, as we realize more and more our responsibilities as inhabitants of the planet Earth, our only home so far, the need for ecological projects becomes evident, too. Thus, another sector opens up which requires finances. Donations are welcomed, and, the fact is that they come from the most beneficial sector- the business one. Consequently, the social implication of your activity can be assured in this way if you choose to make a business career in this sphere.

In addition, donation and sponsorship are not the only ways in which society benefits from business development. Business itself does not have a separate sphere of influence. It involves all aspects of human activity. A business establishment is the cafй down the block but also the big company that can be developing and spreading to almost whole industry of a certain country as it is the case with “Lukoil” in Russia. Thus, with its major role in the infrastructure

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