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Jacinta Tigga
Eve teasing
The psychology of eve teasing
Faulty training at home
Is Bollywood the culprit?
Law concerning eve teasing
Facts and Figures
Its the same story every day. You are waiting at the bus stop early in the morning, minding your business as usual, when a group of guys sitting on a wall behind the stop, as if on cue, burst out into a loud rendition of “Chholi ke peeche kya hai, chholi ke peechey!” or something like “Anney, madipa pakuraaru, anney idupu a pakkuraaru!”( ohh Brother look at the folds of the hips! Or something like that) .

You valiantly try to ignore them and jump into the next bus which comes along.
To your dismay, the bus is extremely crowded, and to top it off, an old man cannot keep his hands to himself and makes it a point to grope your breast every time the bus driver applies the brakes and to make matters worse you can feel him getting a hard on.

You have had enough and you decide to get down at the very next stop, but you have to fight through the huge group of guys hanging off the footboard of the bus and you get groped on your way out, by seven pairs of hands at least.

You are left feeling violated, but you have to go to work/college/school, so you call an auto and get into it and heave a sigh of relief. But your relief is short lived as you notice the auto driver adjusting his rearview mirror to catch glimpses at you, and you try you level best to keep a somber expression and you stubbornly look at the road instead.

At the next signal you are caught off guard by some guy who puts his hand into the auto through the window and pinches your breast (in lightning speed) as he zips by. By the time you get over the shock and the pain, he has sped off and you are left feeling dirty and filthy and all you can think of, is how you need to take a bath. Badly. You need to rub that feeling off your skin. Now” gross is it not?

Finally you reach your destination and as you walk towards it, you jump out of your skin as a car hurtles towards you, and swerves just before running you over. The driver stops, just in time to cackle loudly along with his cronies at your discomfiture and drives away or You reach office and as youre about to enter the gate, a cyclist comes out of nowhere, slaps you on your butt and cycles off.

Office is fine. You have some form of control over your surroundings and take revenge on the male sex by bossing your peon around.
Later, in the evening your free and want to go for a movie. So you book your tickets and at the 6:30 p.m. show you get completely unintentionally jostled and felt up. Well, what did you expect? You should have sat at home and watched it on VCD you bad, bad girl.

As you exit the hall a ruffian whistles and another one passes a lewd remark. You reach home, dodge another speeding vehicle with its underage driver listening to ear-blasting music and hooting as he passes you. A***ole! you mutter irritated, hurriedly enter the gate and bang it shut as loud as you can.

Just another day!
Wed be wrong if we say that men and women are equal in this world. It may sound good in school essays and fetch you the requisite marks, but you have to wait to get in to the real world to see how true it is. Were either far ahead or lagging behind, but never on the same footing.

Our main objective should be to educate, empower and encourage girls and women to raise their voice against such a heinous act. We have come to terms with the fact that we cannot bring an end to eve teasing because it is going to exist in one form or another. But instead of being passive about it, maybe we could reduce it? Were not aiming at being vindictive, but defensive. Not trying to get eve, but fighting back for getting something we dont deserve and something that we have not asked for.

Eve teasing is a euphemism used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan for public sexual harassment, street harassment or molestation of women by men, with Eve being a reference to the biblical Eve.

Lets admit it Yes Eve Teasing is prevalent in this society and a few voices by our lousy blogs wont get the point heard. Oh common for heavens sake the local politician in my place erected a Grand pandhal for Ganpathi. Little do people know that People play Jua under the pandal. Great way to welcome the Lord eh?

You talk of Sexually Harassed people, this is what is happening. If you want to deal with it go to the public rather than writing. Practicability applies when you can personally go and Take this Face on. The reason I am telling you this is not because I am someone who is doing this but because if we can join this movement together well then there can be A small change.. (Note I have cited small change) The reason being small change is because Eve Teasing is what people need (Boys and the politicians).. They dont care whose mother or sister is hurt. For heavens sake with the advent of incest people dont care for even their own mothers and sisters so forget about other girls. And talking of provocative clothing. I beg the difference it doesnt deter men who look at you as if they have x-ray goggles installed on their eyes You talk about women I have seen boys at my area touching the nipples of dogs. YES THEY DONT SPARE EVEN THE ANIMALS so forget about good will and all those nice nice things. Admit it those are assholes and the only way you can change them is going to the root level.

Anyway I would urge the MEN in this world to come together and Please look at other girls like your sister and mothers rather than looking at them as if they were your ex wife and are fit to be raped. Women and Men have equal rights and we must fight towards

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