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Thank you for coming to see me on 7 November when we discussed the replacement of the satellite system bought from Burnett TV Supplies.I am writing to summarize our discussion and to confirm your instructions.

You told me that you bought a new satellite system at 50% of the normal price from Burnett TV Supplies and found that the timer function of it was broken the first you used it, so you asked for a replacement. They refused to replace it on the ground that the reduction is due to imperfections, but offered to repair it at a cost of £130.

According to Sale of Goods Act, if reduction due to imperfections,seller MUST inform buyer .So the legal issue here is whether or not Burnett TV Supplies inform you that the reason you can buy a satellite system at 50% of the normal price is due to its imperfections. If they do inform you of this, they have no obligations to replace the satellite system for you. However if they fail to inform you of the imperfections,they shall replace it without any conditions.

Obviously Burnett TV Supplies failed to inform you because they thought 50% off implied that this product had defect or they would not say that you could not expect it to work perfectly at such a cheap price.So you are entitled to either a full refund or a replacement system.It is up to you.Please let me know if you make a final decision.

I will write to Burnett TV Supplies outlining the above and notifying them of your decision.I am pretty sure that they will back down fairly soon because they have no chance in the small claims court.I will be in touch again shortly.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

With kind regards

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