Bullying Case
Every so often, we hear on the news or know someone that is a victim of bullycide. Well, recently, President Obama did a bullying speech and now has created an anti bullying campaign in effort to help stop bullying.

What is bullycide?
Bullycide is basically someone who comits sucide in result of being bullyied. Believe it or not 100,000 students carry a gun to school bullying and 160,000 kids miss school everyday because of bullying.

Now, recently President Obama held a conference at the White House in Washington, DC along with school afficials and parents of the victims of bullycide. He basically encourages everyone to support the #StopBullyingNow campaign and join him at the anti bullying summit.

This issue affects millions of children every year and Im definitely supporting our president. There is simply no reason why no one will even consider not supporting this.

Im sure if your child was a victime of bullycide, you will support Obama. Bullying is a serious issue and we as people need to let children all over the world know that its ok and there is help, no need to kill yourself.

Places like StopBullying.gov have tons of bullying resources for preventing bullying. Dont let this bad behavior, such as bullying kill our children. Lets stop bullying in its track and support.

Also, Ive seen a lot a lot of comments on the Obama bullying speech. Its crazy how some people are not supportive of peace and non judgemental behavior. People are who they are because thats just how and who they are. There is no reason why someone should tease or make fun of someone because theyre different.

Honestly, people who say nasty things about the bullying speech and Obamas anti bullying campaign should mind as well be considered a bully themselves. Because there is no way a person with a heart will allow anyone to get picked on because of how

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