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1- Examples of needs like happiness and joy that a person need in his daily life to live normally without stress , example of wants like a person want something new such as new clothes accessories and new toy for example and an example for demands like a quality products of something and affordability to take care of everything in life .

The implications of each on Build A-Bears actions are as the following, it is important for a company like Build-A-Bear to distinguish between these three concepts. Core needs must be identified first. Then, every element of the product offering should be created with the intention of fulfilling one of these needs, thus generating wants and desires within the consumer base. The company must then understand what it is that customers might want that is not being offered-in essence, are they demanding something? Maxine Clark and her team have taken careful measures to understand the specifics of what customers are demanding: what is working in the stores, what isnt, and what they want that is not being supplied

3- The marketing concept. Maxine Clark has very clearly taken Build-A-Bear to high levels of financial success by knowing and understanding the needs and wants of the customers. The goals of the organization are dependent upon that. Clearly, the business strategy displayed by Build-A-Bear fits the marketing concept better than it does the production, product, or selling concepts. Also, there is no information in the case that would lead the student to believe that Build-A-Bear is focused on the welfare of society.

4- The benefits received by the customer could be identified in terms of need/want fulfillment. However, the cost factor has not been discussed. The most obvious cost is the monetary price, which ranges from $10 to upwards of $25. Other costs include time (waiting in line, that of actually going through the building process) and effort (the mental effort involved with so many choices of building this bear) expended. This should be an interesting discussion in that the very things that on the surface are considered to be costs for so many customers, in this case, are actually benefits

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