Why Companies Use Outsoursing
Essay Preview: Why Companies Use Outsoursing
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The CEO of Boeing Company was fired due to his having an affair with a fellow employee of the company. After the affair was made public an investigation was quickly put into action about the two. The investigation showed that her relationship with the CEO had nothing to do with her success with in the company. After the affair was leaked out by a woman that intercepted a message of a romantic nature she told broad members. After the broad members caught wind of this information they decided to make ask for his resonation of the current CEO, and also had a press conference to publicly announce his leaving the company without explaining the reason for his resignation. It was advised to him that it would be in his best interest to resign so that he would get all of his benefits. Nothing happened to the woman involved with the affair and she continued working for the company out of Washington D.C.

My Opinion
At the being of the case I thought that made a mistake about firing the CEO of the company. He had done such a good job rebuilding the company, and fixing there problems with other companies. But I realized that the Broad had to take action in order to maintain a since of order within the company. If they didn’t do anything about the CEO of the company having an affair with an employee the company it would open the flood gates to allow others to do the same thing which would ultimately cause bigger problems within the company.

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