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Brl Hardy Cace
BRL HARDYA Written Analysis of the Case Presented to the Faculty of School Business and GovernanceAteneo de Davao UniversityE. Jacinto Street, 8000 Davao CityIn Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the SubjectManagement 210KATHRIN PEARL PASCUAHANNAH MAY GILBERNADETTE PEREZI.Executive SummaryII.Problem Statement        BRL Hardy is now facing two major files that is involving major decisions that would shape the future of the whole company. First, they’re still facing a problem in the disappointing market launch of Mapocho and now Carson is proposing to launch a new line of Italian wines developed in collaboration with Sicilian winery which is called D’istinto. Second, Carson wants to globalize the UK-based management by launching Kelly’s Revenge but the parent company was promoting Banrock Station, a product it had launched successfully in Australia which now also wants to roll out as a global brand. III. Objectives of the StudyGeneral: To resolve the conflict or misunderstanding between the top managers of the BRL Hardy Australia and BRL Hardy Europe and develop new strategies that will contribute to the growth of the entity.Specific:To decide whether which of the two brands: Kelly’s Revenge or Banrock Station should be launched first.To fix the disappointing market launch in the production of Mapocho first before launching the new product which is D’istinto. To analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that could influence the company.Situational AnalysisSWOTA.1 Internal Factor Analysis summary (IFAS)Internal FactorsWeightRatingWeighted ScoreCommentsStrengthsS1: Competitive top management bodyS2: Brand and ReputationS3: Marketing Strategies0.200.250.104430.8010.30Top level managers were able to handle the company well and generate good marketing strategies.Australian wines became “hot trend” throughout the international wine community.If improved, it might be a quality to success.Total0.552.1WeaknessesW1: Decentralized management styleW2: Marketing Budget W3: Increase Debts or Losses0.200.150.1054310.600.30Inharmonious relationship among managers created conflict within the company.The Company previously suffered from financial struggle.Launching brands after another without knowing the risksTotal0.451.9Grand Total1.004

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