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Life has dealt many different circumstances and events to me, however only one thing really stands out to me as life changing. This one thing in particular changed me to the core of my spiritual being, helped me to grow into a balanced human being, and molded me into the adult I am today. This one thing I speak of is the transition from living with my foster mom to living out on my own.

When I turned eighteen, I argued and fought a lot with my mom. I was still in high school, and not doing so well either. Events led up to me dropping out of high school, moving out and living with a friend. During this brief time I started smoking marijuana, which I soon found out caused me to black out and become nauseous, shortly after that I quit. Around this time I was working for a friends company doing computer networking making around Five thousand dollars a week. I soon joined a band called Dead-End. In this band I played bass guitar and vocals. Things in life seemed to be going rather well and really looking up; however, my internal damage was growing with every passing day without me knowing it. Every passing day I seemed to be getting more and more depressed, not knowing the cause, I smoked twice as many cigarettes. During this time I got the crazy idea to go to Los Angeles in a stretch limo and take a week long vacation.

My friends and I traveled to Los Angeles in the limo and stayed at the Sofitel Hotel. Our week was filled with drinking and partying. The first day we went to Universal City Walk, walked around and relaxed. The next day we went to Amoeba Records, which I bought about two thousand dollars worth of cds from. The following day we had breakfast at a nice restaurant and after we went to the Hollywood strip to find a tattoo place and a leather shop. This is where the week goes downhill starting with receiving a phone call from my best friend to go and pick him up. I had already bought my leather trench coat at the shop next to the tattoo shop, but I had to cancel my appointment with the artist. We traveled down to orange county to pick my best friend up. On the way I got a call from my ex-friend asking for me to come pick her up, being the nice guy I am I did just that. We traveled to downtown Fullerton to the coffee shop that was there, and we stopped and said hi to all of our friends. After we were through we traveled back up to Los Angeles where we proceeded to go to the rocky horror picture show. This was the first time I had ever been to the show (which means you lose your rocky horror virginity by some random humiliating act performed on you). After the show was over, half of the group left in a taxi and my ex and I went to the hotel room. We proceeded to get back together and the next morning we had sex (big mistake).

The next few days are basically a blur, I got home, practically killed my liver by the previous weeks alcohol

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