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My visit to the municipal court was a new experience. Although i did know what to expect from the judge, and what i was going there for. Since i had to go and defend myself in the court this was an interesting experience.

I was charged with 3 motor vehicle violations, with the same car all within a day of each other. The first ticket i received was one for inspection violation. I had failed my inspection the day before, i had my papers form the state of new jersey saying i have 30 days to reinspect before its illegal to drive in NJ. Then the next day i received two more tickets, one for my registration being up by one day, and a break light which was not out the previous day, instead of fighting with the cop i went to court and pleaded not guilty for all three tickets.

I took part in the Municipal court on Wednesday November 7th, 2007. The judge was Judge Newman, a man i heard gave no breaks, and worked in favor of the town When i arrived that Wednesday i was one of many, the court house was packed with young kids, mostly all on motor vehicle violations. He read names off a list, then sent me to meet with the Prosecutor Kelly. I presented my argument to him, and wanted all the charges to be dropped, and even came in with my break light receipt proving i fixed it the day i got the ticket. They agreed to drop the registration and the break light violations, but wanted to keep the inspection ticket, i still would not plead guilty to it because i know its illegal for them to ticket me for this, they were just looking for a “hand out”. They told me to sit back down, Prosecutor Kelly went outside to talk to the cop, then called me outside to talk to me, i had all my papers with me proving i was innocent and should not receive the inspection violation, the cop continued with

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