Observation and Evaluation of Restaurant
Observation and Evaluation of restaurant
Chez Tao restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Martigny which was established 10 years ago. Ms Rebecca who is the boss of Chez Tao restaurant is known as a successful person in restaurant business in Martigny. She is born in China and has complete her 3 years study in Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. There are 1 manager, 3staffs working for service and 4 chefs in kitchen.

Firstly, Chez Tao restaurant opens from Tuesday to Sunday and it will be close every Monday, The business hour is from 11.30am to 14.00pm in the morning and close at 14.00pm to 17.00pm and opening at 18.00pm to 22.00pm. Ms Rebecca in mainly focus on the lunch and dinner time and the shift of every employee is always.

Secondly, the boss will manage the operation and the business activities of the restaurant. The manager is in charge of assigning the shift for employees and controlling the service of the restaurant. Trainee will have 2 days off a week and other permanent staff will have 1 day off a week, including all the chef.

Thirdly, Chez Tao restaurant are considered as fast food restaurant. The boss are mainly focus on local citizens, 80% of local citizen, 20% are tourist. Most of the guest who come to have lunch are local citizens which working in the building near the restaurant. They provide fast service and reasonable price for the guest because some of the guest are rushing to work.

Conclusion, Chez Tao restaurant serve plate service for lunch and serve ‘a la cart’ for dinner. This restaurant also provide take a way service for guest who like to eat at home or other reason. The menu are attractive because they serve Thailand food, Vietnam food and Chinese food that make Chez Tao restaurant could get high profit.

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