Up from Slavery
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When Booker T. Washington died in 1915, America lost a dominant leader in the African American community. He died an educator, author, orator and an advisor to Republican presidents. He was a part of the last generation of black leaders that were born into slavery and for the last twenty-five years of his life he aided in the progression of African Americans from servitude to success. The book Up from Slavery, published in 1901, is a book that chronicles of fifty years of Washingtons life. Commencing with his own beginnings, we start to learn about Washingtons life as he was born into slavery; slowly, we start to learn of the progress Booker T. Washington has made since his days as a slave in West Virginia. The main purpose of Washingtons book, Up from Slavery, is the idea that with the help of others, it is possible to stray away from our beginnings and develop ourselves into something else. In Washingtons case – he was able to make the transition from slavery to success. Numerous themes are portrayed throughout Washingtons book; however, there are few main themes that are exhibited. These themes include education, change and unity. Coinciding with the main themes and the purpose of Up from Slavery, the main argument of the book is the importance of education. He stresses the significance of integrating African Americans into a white community; coincidently he explains that the only way of integration is through educating African Americans. Through Booker T. Washingtons experiences we are able to learn of his own path of servitude to success.

Numerous themes present themselves in Up from Slavery; however the main three themes that are portrayed are change, education and unity. Booker T. Washington accomplished so much through the ideals of change and unity. For example, Washington was able to unify the community through maintaining control of his support groups. This support groups varied from influential white business men, educational and religious communities nationwide. Washington believed that through unity there is support, and through support there is success. While he emphasizes change, he explains that sympathizers can aid in the process. He stresses the importance of educating African Americans. Through their education they will be able to learn new skills that will help with the integration of African Americans into a pre-determined white society. Washington is an example himself for education. He attended Hampton Roads, Hampton Normal Agricultural Institute and Wayland Seminary. Additionally, he taught Sunday school and returned to Hampton College as a teacher. He began establishing vocational schools, including the Tuskegee Institute and in 1881 he became the first leader of the Institute in Alabama. When helping establish these institutions he emphasizes that it is the peoples right to an education and it is also what they make of it. It is up to the students to have as much interest

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