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Does School Need to Ban Having Smart Phones in a Class?
As scientific technique developed, many people live in a smart society. The most representative thing must be a smart phone. Thanks to the smart phone, we have been living comfortable life. We can get lots of information through internet searching, contact easily with others on anywhere and anytime and even we can do bank business. Even though it has many benefits, it also causes a serious problem. It is a smart phone addiction. Nowadays, many people are addicted to it. But among them, teenagers are more severe than adults.

Because of this problem, many schools make a judge that having a smart phone in a class is bad for academic achievement and students can’t focus on the class. So, in fact, a lot of schools ban it. When students come in the class, they have to submit their phones in a phone bag. However, is just banning a smart phone good for students? Is it a reasonable way? Here are three reasons that I disagree with phone banning schools.

First, they actually have no right to ban it. You can see two laws in human rights ordinance under the requirements of Rule 13. One is that students have a right about free of privacy like one’s belonging or private relationship. So anyone can’t violate and monitor it. The other is that principal or teachers must not ban having students’ smart phones. Instead, when students agree with school’s revise, schools can regulate time or place where smart phone can be used. Even we have two obvious laws, schools ignore them and they just force their students to submit theirs. There is no right for us and it looks like an authoritative behavior.

Second, there can be loss accidents and phones with troubles. When I was first grade in high school, my main teacher took our phones in a phone bag. One day after school, the teacher tried to open the bag, suddenly, one phone was dropped. Then we could find that there was a long scratch on the LCD. So he had to pay money for compensation. Also we had loss accidents on average once a week. Because many teachers don’t care about student’s phone

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