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Body art has many social disadvantages. To begin, body art damages first impressions. When people see tattoos or piercings on someone, they automatically stereotypically characterize that person. First impression of someone with body art is that they are irresponsible and unpleasant to be around. Furthermore, body art hinders ones appearance. Tattoos and piercings frequently appear trashy or dirty. Tattoos often look good for a while, but they fade and start to look dull. Most significantly, body art also has hefty financial consequences. Both tattoos and piercings are quite expensive to get applied. Removing tattoos is an extremely expensive and painful process; furthermore, it is also long and grueling.

Body art not only has social but also health disadvantages. Body art results in a lot of unnecessary pain during the process of its application and removing. Getting tattoos applied and getting pierced hurts a great deal. Having tattoos surgically is a long, painful and expensive process. Moreover, body art sometimes leads to allergic reactions. If given a tattoo without knowing if one has an allergy to the ink or that the needle is unsanitary, one will face potentially breaking out in hives or another type of rash. Needles that have not been sterilized have the potential to transmit many dangerous diseases such as HIV, but not all needles are dirty, some are clean and safe to use. Most importantly, it is possible to get many different types of deadly diseases from needles and the ink in tattoos. Tattoos have been known to cause hepatitis and HIV which are both deadly diseases. The most deadly of all diseases caused by getting tattoos is cancer; furthermore, getting skin cancer has become an increasing problem in tattoo application.

Body Art has disadvantages. It is necessary for one to always consider both the social and health disadvantages before one proceeds in the application of Body Art.

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