The Black Panther Party
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The Black Panthers aren’t talked about much. The Panthers had made a huge difference in the civil rights movement. They were not just a Black KKK. They helped revolutionize the thought of African Americans in the U.S.

The Black Panther had a huge background of history, goals, and beliefs. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, Ca 1966, founded the Panthers. They were originally as an African American self defense force and were highly influenced by Malcolm X’s ideas. They were named after Lowndes County Freedom Organization or LCFO. The Panthers had many goals like; giving back to the ghetto, protecting blacks from police brutality, and to help blacks get freedom and jobs. They also had many beliefs like; Malcolm X was a great person, and they believed that gun use was ok if necessary, or if people were oppressing the poor.

The Panthers had many accomplishments while they were around, these were some of them. The Panthers gave to the need many times. They did stuff like opened food shelters, health clinics, elementary schools, patrolled urban ghettos to stop police brutality, created offices to teach young black kids, and they said that they were going to start stressing services. The Panthers had many great people join them, but one man had made a huge accomplishment that will never be forgotten. In November of 68’ the Chicago chapter of The B.P.P. was founded by Fred Hampton, he was a strong leader. The accomplishment he had made was that he persuaded all the powerful gangs in Chicago to stop fighting. With what Hampton did there was a lot of change like; the Panthers started to become more of a Marxist-Communist group, and started to turn toward political means. This made it a lot easier to achieve their goals.

There were many events in the Black Panther Party wither many people that did them. Here are some of them. In 1968 Bobby Seale was charged with inciting riots during a Democratic Party National Convention. While in prison Seale was also charged with the murder of Alex Rackley, a former police officer. The trial was held on May 25th, 1971, but left with a hung jury. The judge ordered all charges to be dropped. Stokely Carmichael was also important to the Panthers. Carmichael was arrested 35 times for his part in the civil rights movement, and eventually left the U.S. for an African country called Guinea. In 69’ Carmichael resigned from The Black Panthers. Huey Newton also had a big impact on the civil rights movement. On October 28th 1967 Huey P. Newton was charged with killing a cop while he was currently in the hospital suffering from a wound. A year went by and it was finally certain that Newton is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. When released Bobby Seale and Huey renounced political violence.

By now The Panthers had made a huge impact on the civil

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