The Place We Live In
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The place we live in
The place we live in is most of the times our birth place, the place that brings us up, that teaches us most of what we know and in the end is the place where we most likely die.

More important than all of this the place we live in also helps to our personality, often we find our selves being in certain way because that was how we grew up.

In my case Romania is my home. My place where I live. Although I am still quite young I have lived here enough to know that if I were to move to some other place it wouldnt make any difference of my personality. At 16 years old I can proudly say that Ive been raised in Romania.

Some might think that Ive been a bit disadvantaged because of this. I think that exactly the people who say this are weak. I always like to think that what doesnt kill u makes u stronger. Taking thoughts throw this perspective I suddenly feel much better for growing up in Romania.

My only regret for being born here is that although Romania can breed good people and in general our schools have intelligent children, this country can not value its own people. In my opinion this is why most of our youth is abroad.

Sadly this will be my case too. As soon as I feel I am ready I will begin looking for job offers in other countries.
Despite all this in the end I know Romania will always be my home. After I will make my fortune I will always return here, for no where else does the air taste sweeter and the food better.

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