How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century
Essay Preview: How Has Abortion and Birth Control Affected the 20th and 21st Century
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How has the policy of birth control and abortion affected the nations of our world in the 20th and 21st century?
Did you know that in the America there are four thousand abortions a day? The second highest rate in the world! In America we have the right between having an abortion or taking the responsibility to use birth control. In the twentieth century technological advantages has brought American to change their point of view in a major legal dispute.

Abortion is the conclusion of a pregnancy, the ejection of the embryo or fetus. In the beginning of the 1800s abortion was permitted until the mid 1800s it became a subject in which was a strictly legal regulation . For almost 100 years later, in the U.S. jurisdiction, abortion was illegal unless performed by a physician to preserve the mothers life. For Example abortion in Canada is governed by the same legislation and medical standards . It estimated that at least 40% of pregnancies in Canada are unplanned . Apparently about half of these pregnancies end up in abortion. There are a few options in order to obtain an abortion. One of the of the procedure takes place like this, First of all the doctor inserts a slim piece of laminaria which is inserted into the womens cervix. A few hours before the official day of the abortion, the cervix widens the opening .Then the women can be locally or general anesthetize . The doctors widen up the cervix , inserting an aspiration machine, which is similar to the one a dentist use to clear the mouth of saliva. Once the suction stops the doctors makes sure all parts of the embryo and placenta are gone and the uterus is empty and clean. This procedure only takes about 10 minutes. This is just one of the ways to obtain an abortion. Studies show that a single abortion doesnt change the womens ability in order to conceive and have a healthy children in the future. As in long-term psychological effects researchers have found that having an abortion doesnt make women feel bad about themselves in the long run. Every since man has existed there has always been many attempts in order to achieve what modern technology has given us, and it has become a phenomenon that people use all around the world in order to stop an unwanted pregnancy, the use of abortion is very natural.

Birth control has many different forms in control of reproduction, such as condoms, birth control pills, in some cases abstinence, withradral and the patch, which has come very convenient for women, theres also surgical procedure for men, the vasectomy. The way that birth control pills work is by the women consuming it one daily in order to obtain an 99.9% effectiveness. According to Johnson & Johnson approximately 38 million American women currently use some sort of birth control and that 75 percent of them say that theres need for more for methods adaptable to their lifestyles.” I like Ortho Vera because it gave me flexibility” said Yolanda Robles, a clinical trial patient. “I only had to change it once a week , and I could wear it on different places on my body” referring to the birth control patch. But like every good things has its good side it also has its bad, For example birth control has been very affective but the side effects are proven that for some users, the pill can have undesirable and sometimes serious side effects such as weight gain, nausea, hypertension, or the formation of blood clots or cancerous liver tumors, these effects increase. The patch has its disadvantages not every women is capable of using it since the pills contain hormones contraceptives are not for everybody. Birth control, or limited reproduction, is an issue of major importance in todays world due to the problems of population growth. The first birth control clinic opened in the U.S. was by women named Margaret Sanger in 1916. By 1923 she had opened another one and became Planned Parenthood officially by 1942. The strongest opposition came when birth control started to be a natural use and the Roman Catholic Church strongly oppose to it, and continues to be the same now days. But it hasnt stopped the growth in use of birth control.

Both birth control and abortion has changed the perspective of millions of people whom have lived in the 20th and 21st century. Weve noticed many aspects of them, one of them the prevention of population growth. Although it has created many controversies. Charles E. Rice from University of Notre Dame Law mentioned “We all condemn the atrocities of September 11th . Yet many Americans support legalized abortion, in which we execute every day more innocent human beings than were killed in the World Trade Center. Peter Kreeft, with his rare talent, for explaining the obvious without patronizing or pretense offers here a unique guide for inviting sincere person to consider a basic truth-that the law can never validly tolerate the execution of the innocent” Three Approaches to Abortion.(136) this comment is very common to many people

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